Friday, July 17, 2009


The sale that just wouldn't die...we're putting the stake through its heart. Last chance to get your closets fill with nice stuffs! Final reduction price at RM10 off! So ladies, you know what's bestfor you, send your orders now before it dries out! XD

p/s: kindly refer to the older post for more details on the items ;)

Sold to Nancy!

Sold to Ellina!

Sold to Angel!

Sold to Yati!

Sold to Kasmah!

Sold to Shano!

Sold to Nancy!

Sold to Deb!

Sold to Ailin!

Sold to Azira!

Sold to Faten Hamamah!

Sold to Fairuz!

Sold to Kasmah!

p/s: brand new :)

Sold to Maz!

Sold to Nadia Effendy!

Sold to Nancy!

Sold to Nadia Effendy!

Sold to Lish!


Oh Aielyn! said...

im in love wif ur collection ;)

Grandmaphone Guru said...

Hello Aielyn! Thanks tho! That's very nice of you..hehe :)

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