Thursday, May 14, 2009

Greetings Ladies!

Now ask yourself this, do you ever get depressed looking at your closet? Pout no more girls because we, Grandmaphone Guru, will bring colours and rainbows to the joyless and bore to death wardrobe of yours. Call it secondhand or call it vintage, reusing items are cheaper and eco-friendlier alternative when buying new stuffs is so overrated.

Here’s a little introduction about us. We are named grandmaphone which comes from the word grandma and gramophone. This is basically related to the older era fashion.

Enough talking, just enjoy our full of eccentric and charm teasers for the moment. We’ll upload the price soon so just get yourself ready to dig into our stuffs! Oh yes, do leave us some comments and responses dear kind shoppers! :D

Warmest Love,


The Grandmaphone Guru 


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